VS Anywhere is the only fully integrated Visual Studio extension that lets far away teams work as though sitting side-by-side. Concurrent editing, live code reviews, virtual pair programming and other collaboration and productivity tools like the Web Workspace help improve knowledge transfer and speed distributed development projects.

Live Collaborative Coding

Collaborative development

Fully featured extension

  • Follow your contacts
  • Host moderated sessions
  • Highlight people’s code
  • Communicate with our chat
  • Web Workspace: Share your working context with a URL address
  • Cooperative merge: Say goodbye to introducing new bugs when commiting a project

Less words, less waiting, more clean code.

Be More Agile and Efficient

Work together live in synced files that are saved locally. Enjoy an easy, lean coding workflow that reduces bottlenecks and keeps clean code automatically up to date across the organization.

Improve Quality & Save Money

Real-time collaborative code reviews and virtual pair programming let distributed teams work cooperatively, kicking out bugs and vulnerabilities out well before the implementation phase. Easily detect the very mistakes that cost companies billions.

Build Strong Global Teams

Resolve issues common to distributed or outsourced teams with code-based technical communication that reduces dependence on language, allows project managers to control requirements and boosts team cohesiveness.

Improve Knowledge Transfer

Senior developers mentor junior developers while getting work done, local teams pair with offshore teams to train according to best practices, new hires get onboarded fast, and knowledge holders are easily accessible inside the IDE.

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VS Anywhere helps teams work well together regardless of distance, language, and coding differences, and allows software architects, developers, outsourcing directors and project managers to benefit from:

Outsourcing Managers

Minimize offshoring challenges

VS Anywhere addresses exactly the issues that can offset the cost savings that offshoring promises. It boosts productivity levels, eases communication across language, facilitates knowledge transfer and training, and improves quality.

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Project Managers

Gain visibility, efficiency and control

Stay on top of widely-distributed projects with live collaborative editing and multi-person chat rooms that keep projects clearly defined and the pipeline moving. Increase workflow efficiency, standardize best practices and keep quality high.

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Developers & Architects

Simplify and speed your workflow

Collaborate much more easily by eliminating steps that slow development down, like waiting for files or sharing screens. Communicate visually instead of verbally with a real-time context aware editing and file syncing.

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VS Anywhere brings more than just collaboration to Visual Studio.


Get distributed teams working cooperatively, sharing best practices, and communicating more effectively.

Web Workspace

The Web Workspace allows people to view (and soon also edit) your opened Visual Studio project files collaboratively and in real time from their web browser. No installation required.

Highlight and Follow

Streamline your workflow and eliminate gaps of knowledge with these tools that strengthen the whole team.

Cooperative Merge

Review and manage conflicting source control management files in real time collaborative merge sessions.

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