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VS Anywhere extends Visual Studio to let your distributed teams work collaboratively, sharing best practices and effectively communicating.


Collaborative Development

Concurrent editing, live code reviews, pair programming and other team productivity features speed up distributed projects.

Moderated Sessions

VS Anywhere is the perfect tool for training new recruits or boosting knowledge transfer across developer teams. One driver leads, unlimited observers learn.

Better Knowledge Transfer

Local and remote teams interact in real-time, easily collaborating and sharing knowledge – which makes for faster and more predictable ramp-ups.

Social coding

Take full advantage of social coding through GitHub. You can swap ideas, tricks and best practices in a collaborative coding space.

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VS Anywhere supports development teams, software architects, trainers, instructors, teachers and students to work well together – regardless of distance, language, and different coding styles.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge holders can use VS Anywhere to interact with remote developers in real-time, sharing projects concurrently right inside Visual Studio. Offshore teams have easy access to expert developers, so support, company guidelines and best practices are always available.

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VS Anywhere is the ideal tool for coding classes. A full classroom can share a project within Visual Studio, which allows students to follow edits made by the teacher or other learners in real time. Teachers can also do real-time collaborative code reviews and edit concurrently with students.
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Development teams improve workflows by co-coding live in synced files that are saved locally in Visual Studio. Context-aware cursors show exactly who’s doing what, and built-in chat enables quick consults and on-the-fly decisions. VS Anywhere’s low-latency technology means sessions are stable and fast.
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VS Anywhere brings more than just collaboration to Visual Studio.

Kosta Shougaev, developer researcher at VMware

"We found VS Anywhere as a part of attempting to start a serious remote collaboration. We tried various ‘remoting tools’, like common virtual machine with vSphere and using VNC. Their response time were not satisfactory. VS Anywhere just worked."

Thomas Schissler, manager at artiso

"Our developers love to work with VS Anywhere and we see great first results. Definitively VS Anywhere is a ‘must-have’ tool to enhance team collaboration capabilities."

Michael Bentein, R&D manager at Test-Aankoop

“VS Anywhere is the kind of tool you always wanted to provide to your knowledge experts so they spend less time struggling in solving remote developers issues. VS Anywhere eliminated our Communication barriers quite effectively."